Financial Disorders



Money disorders are maladaptive patterns of financial beliefs and behaviors that lead to clinically significant distress, impairment in social or occupational functioning, undue financial strain or an inability to appropriately enjoy one’s financial resources.

Several money disorders that are commonly seen in clinical practice, including: workaholism, compulsive buying disorder, compulsive hoarding, financial dependence and financial enabling. Similar to many addictive and compulsive behaviors, maladaptive patterns of money beliefs and behaviors persist, despite their emotional, social, occupational and financial consequences, and often require treatment to overcome.


  • Compulsive Spending
    Has your spending jeopardized your financial viability? Do you consistently spend more than you can afford? Do you spend money as a solution to emotional support or anxiety? Have you experienced a pattern of binge and purge by purchasing and then returning merchandise, land or businesses? Do you acquire just to acquire? Do you have trouble knowing what is enough?

  • Compulsive Debting, Hoarding
    Do you stockpile goods that you will never use? Have you seen skimping as "virtuous"? Have you had significant resources and still did not take care of yourself? Do you consistently neglect yourself? Has anyone called you miserly? Do you buy poor quality merchandise to save money? Have you ever had so significant a debt you felt constantly impoverished?

  • Money Obsession
    Are you preoccupied with money or the acquisition of money? Do you worry about money you do have? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time checking accounts, e-trading or reviewing your portfolio? Do you obsess about retirement and having enough? Does obsessing about money affect any other obsessions?

  • Compulsive Under earning / Under achieving
    Are you not working to your full potential? Are you significantly overqualified for what you do for a living? Do you find yourself fantasizing about some windfall such as winning the lottery or some job falls in your lap that solves your problems? Does your fear of failure paralyze you? Are you compulsively working at unrewarding mind-numbing jobs?

  • Money Avoidance
    Do you have difficulty managing your finances, such as problems with records, balancing checkbook, or getting taxes filed? Do you feel inadequate around money matters and simply ignore money problems until they become a crisis? Do you have other people handle your finances so you will not have to deal with them? Are you skeptical of people's motives if they have money? Have you consciously rejected any signs of affluence in your life? 

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