Couples Counseling


Marriage counseling, couples therapy, and relationship counseling provides an opportunity for couples to discuss and explore issues that have the potential to create conflict and disconnection within a relationship. It gives couples the tools to become better, more respectful listeners, to raise painful or sensitive issues, to better accept personality differences, to communicate effectively, to problem solve, negotiate differences, and even to disagree in a healthy way.

Issues that marriage/relationship counseling can address:

• Infidelity 

• Divorce

• Weakened emotional connection

• Substance abuse

• Chronic physical or mental health conditions

• Different cultures

• Finances

• Loss of sexual attraction

• Unemployment

• Blended families

• Communication problems

• Sexual difficulties

• Parenting differences

• Infertility

• Anger

Who can benefit from marriage counseling?
Most any couple who wants to create a better and more adaptable relationship will benefit from counseling. Most relationships have their inherent challenges. We all bring different expectations, values, perspectives, hopes, dreams, wishes, and personal histories into a relationship. Making room for your partners’ beliefs, who holds them as strongly as you hold your own, is not always a smooth or easy process.

Relationship distress can cause depression, anxiety, tension, sadness, anger, substance abuse, and physical symptoms. Some issues between couples can resolve on their own over time, but for others, unaddressed issues can fester and create disconnection and resentment. Working with a problem-focused counselor creates a situation where relationships can improve in a relatively brief period of time. Some couples may have an issue they have difficulty addressing and resolving on their own, and can benefit from the short-term assistance of a therapist; for other couples, with more complex and multi-layered problems, therapy may be necessary for a few months. Relationship counseling is an emotional investment in your future.

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